“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to a fellow-creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

— Quote hung on Howard’s wall since he was a child


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Born in a small village in Wales in the United Kingdom, Howard Marks became one of the world’s most notorious cannabis barons. An Oxford nuclear physics and philosophy of science graduate he travelled the world as an international man of mystery using more than thirty different aliases and identities. NICE by name and NICE by nature, Howard preached non-violence and became a cannabis icon, counter culture hero and activist. Over the course of his colourful life Howard was famously acquitted of the largest importation of cannabis into Great Britain, was linked to the CIA, MI6, IRA and was arrested by the DEA – sentenced to twenty-five years and served seven teaching inmates English at one of the US’s toughest penitentiaries. When released on parole he penned his best-selling autobiography, Mr NICE, wrote further books, produced and starred in feature films, started a record label and spoke to over a million NICE people.


Born in Wales to a school-teacher and a Captain in the merchant navy


Attended Balliol College, Oxford University, where he first started smoking


Howard became a provincial dope dealer selling a couple of pounds a year to survive whilst pursuing a new found passion in playing the ancient Japanese game, Go.


Starts to import cannabis into the United States in the speakers of bands such as Pink Floyd.


Fired by MI6. A police report into his activities ascertained that he had worked as an agent for the British intelligence service, MI6. This report was leaked to the press. Rather than attending the trial Howard staged his own abduction and goes on the run, branching into music production and worldwide cannabis trade under 43 aliases.


Smuggles 15 tons of Colombian marijuana into Scotland –the largest single amount ever imported into Europe.


Gets busted for the Colombian load. At the Old Bailey, pleads not-guilty. Explains work was on behalf of the secret services. To his lawyer’s amazement, he is acquitted. Expands cannabis and international business empire, travelling to Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Morocco, and Hong Kong, China, Japan, India, Korea, Kenya, Taiwan, etc.


Busted by the DEA and sentenced to 25 years in one of the USA’s toughest penitentiaries. Gets sentence reduced. As jail house lawyer reduces sentences of several fellow inmates. Teaches inmates English grammar. Against the odds, gets out on parole.


On release, Howard pens autobiography Mr Nice. Whilst no publisher in the United States would touch it, it immediately becomes a bestseller in the UK and is translated into multiple languages (including Russian and Hebrew). Has since sold over a million copies.


Campaigns hard for cannabis legalization on the political and media stages. His public readings from Mr Nice quickly evolve into a legendary one-man comedy show, An Audience with Mr Nice, that sells out at venues throughout Britain and Europe, garnering grass roots support for cannabis legalization


The Howard Marks Foundation agrees terms with Equinox International, to develop a “Mr Nice” brand, that celebrates Howard Marks's life and will act as a British champion in the emerging global cannabis industry.


Mr Nice returns

Nice Community and Howard Marks Foundation

NICE Community believes in the power of education and communication to bring about positive change. NICE works in partnership with the Howard Marks Foundation to invest in prison education and family support programmes, as well as supporting causes the NICE Community and Howard felt passionately about